Pulse Output devices

honeywell Pulser

Remote Volume Pulser



Roots Pulsers


solid state pulser

roots (RA100)

Solid state transmitter

Custom Pulser

custom veeder-root pulser

Barchard Engineering has designed and fabricated a mounting interface for Expolosion-Proof Veeder-Root Pulsers for Roots B Series meters (TC or CTR). These are available with  1 or 10 pulses / revolution with a standard switch, or 100 pulses / revolution on a powered switch.

Barriers / Proximity detectors

GMI Single or dual channel repeater (D5031S or D5031D)

The Switch/Proximity Detector Repeater D5031 is a module suitable for applications requiring SIL 3 level in safety related systems for high risk industries.  The unit can be configured for switches or proximity detectors, located in Hazardous Area, and repeats the input state to an open-collector transistor in Safe Area.  The selectable fault detection circuit is available for proximity sensors or switches equipped with end of line resistors.  In the double-channel model, the second output can be configured to repeat the second input, to duplicate the first input or to report the first input fault.  If needed, the output can also be converted.

Phoenix Contact Isolation Amplifier

Ex i NAMUR signal conditioner.  For operating proximity sensors and switches in a potentially explosive area.  The signals are transmitted by a relay output (changeover contact) to a safe area.  Line fault detection (LFD), 3-way isolation, SIL 2.

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