Barchard Engineering Ltd. repairs, services, and calibrates natural gas meters. Our skilled technicians are trained to work on diaphragm, rotary, and turbine meters. Equipped with three proving rooms and 10 provers, we are confident we can meet your needs for meter repair.

We supply, service and repair:


rotary meters

  • Dresser Utility Solutions (Roots)
  • Romet
  • And Others

diaphragm meters

  • Sensus (Invensys / Equimeter / Rockwell)
  • Elster (American Meter Company / Canadian Meter Company)
  • Itron (Actaris / Sprague / Schlumberger)


  • Sensus
  • Elster
  • Mooney
  • Becker
  • And Others

turbine meters

  • Sensus
  • Elster
  • And Others

We also calibrate & prove all natural gas meters.

we offer Measurement Canada sealing for custody transfer approved meters.

Service Request Instructions

Oilfield Customers

For meter service, please ship your meters to us at:

6019 – 92 Street,

Edmonton, AB, T6E 3A5

Please include the following info:

1) Company Name

2) Contact Name

3) Phone Number

4) Return Address

5) Return Instructions.

Alternately, you may complete the optional form below, and submit it with your meter:

Service Request Instructions

Government Customers

If you are a Government customer, please complete the form below and submit it with your meter/instrument shipment.

Co-op and Utility Pricing

For our current co-op and utility pricing, please give us a call.

Standard Service Pricing

For our current standard service rates please give us a call.

Barchard Engineering Ltd

6019 - 92 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 3A5