Barchard Engineering Ltd. supplies and services Galvanic Gas Micro, Dresser, and Mercury instruments.

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galvanic gas micro

The Gas Micro is a multifunction instrument designed to be configurable for applications such as an Electronic Volume Corrector (EVC), Electronic Pressure Recorder (EPR), Alarm Pressure Recorder (APR), Interval Data Recorder (IDR), and Electronic Recorder (ER).

mercury instruments


mini at

The Mini-AT is a full featured, stand alone, electronic gas volume corrector. Its standard mounting is on rotary, turbine, and diaphragm meters that have a rotating shaft (instrument drive) output. The Mini-AT is also compatible with meters that provide high or low frequency meter pulses when the appropriate interface board is installed.


mini max atx

Mercury Instruments, a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the natural gas industry, offers its affordable MINI-MAX®, MINI-MAX®-AT & MINI-MAX®-ATX Corrector for basic volume measurement and correction. You can get maximum performance value with compact electronic precision and reliability. Use the MINI-MAX®, MINI-MAX®-AT, or MINI-MAX®-ATX to upgrade from mechanical units and to enhance the efficiency of your natural gas operations.


This rugged, reliable and exceptionally accurate index is an ideal replacement for mechanical indexes. Honeywell also pre-installs AMR modules of users’ choice to reduce costs and improve reliability.

mercury pt (modbus) board

The Mercury Instruments Protocol Translator (PT Board) is an adapter board that is connected between the Mercury Instruments Instrument (RTU) and a Host SCADA system.

The PT Board allows various asynchronous serial protocols to communicate with all instruments that support Mercury Instruments Protocol (Mini-AT, ER, ERX, ECAT, Mini, Mini-Max, etc.). The PT Board will translate the Host’s protocol (e.g. Modbus) to Mercury Instruments Protocol and back again so the Host can communicate with a Mercury Instruments Instrument in its native protocol. The PT Board handles communications between the Host interface and the Mercury Instruments Instrument in a Master-Slave type fashion. The PT will only respond to commands from the Host (master). These commands will be translated and sent to the Mercury Instruments Instrument (slave) as required.

mercury 4 to 20 Board

The 4-to-20 milliamp output board provides 2 output loops of continuous analog signals each configurable to any parameter on the Mercury Instrument such as pressure, temperature and flowrate.

Te board interfaes with the ECAT, Mini, Mini-AT, and ER products.

Roots instruments

roots micro corrector

The IMC/W2 is a fully electronic, integral, gas volume corrector. Meter size and version are configurable using the User Terminal software. This feature presents a major cost savings to the customer in terms of inventory reduction.

roots (ICEX) Electronic transmitter


solid state pulser

roots (RA100)

Solid state transmitter

Romet instruments

Romet adem corrector



Custom instsruments

custom veeder-root pulser

Barchard Engineering has designed and fabricated a mounting interface for Expolosion-Proof Veeder-Root Pulsers for Roots B Series meters (TC or CTR). These are available with  1 or 10 pulses / revolution with a standard switch, or 100 pulses / revolution on a powered switch.

Elster Instroments

Remote Volume Pulser



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